Friday, August 18, 2006

The New Philosophers' Carnival is...

here. (It took me a couple days to spot it; I was out of town, playing in the La Jolla surf rather than surfing the blogs!) Gracias, Marcos!


  1. I just see the light shining through my eyelid unless I shut my eyes really tight. In that case, I see bright colors like streaks of violet and yellow. Also, I'm not sure if I'm actually seeing pictures when I daydream, or if it's just my imagination,because I seem to be aware of that blackish color while "seeing" a dog or something else in my mind.

  2. When I close my eyes at night I see strands of multi coloured lights as if you were seeing the trail that a sparkler makes when you wave it around. I also sense that the darkness I am in is either rushing towards me or it is me that is flying towards it ?.

  3. When I go to sleep I don't close eyes tight I just close them. I almost always know I'm dreaming and can fly or shoot up in air then stop (like levatation kinda) what's weird is there's usually cables that I have to be careful not to hit high above me. I can also float up slowly or down by having arms straight out and I move hands up and down/ like fluttering. This controls my movement.
    For the last several months, I've had sleep issues and have had a few occasion where I think I'm drifting off to sleep; but I all the sudden I begin to see a faded dream on the back of my eyelid. I do a test to see if I'm sleeping or awake. I will allow myself to open my eye a little, like I'm peeking then see through my eyelashes the real world then the faded dream all at once.
    Is this something to keep from my VA Psychiatrist? Will she think I'm nuts. I'm Bipolar. I'm 50 I also had cataract surgery last year. Does this have any connection.

  4. wow, this is a 10 year thread! but i just wondered if there was any meaning to the graphics i have been visualizing before i wake up. so i stumbled on this blog.

    i think that i have just started to validate the patterns i am conscious of viewing before i wake up. i was under the impression that i was conjuring designs for the Textile and Surface design courses i have been enrolled in for the past couple of years. i thought it was occurring because i was under pressure to come up with the next assignment idea... but now i have been on the holiday break, with no projects due, and i am still in the mode of seeing patterns every time i am about to wake up ,,, everyday. or now, i believe i am just more conscious of trying to remember them.,, or realizing i will soon have to do this everyday to make a living...

    i thought that it was a natural process for me to come up with ideas for designs. so when i wake up from sleeping, wether its in the morning or afternoon, i write down the description, and draw a little scribble in my sketchbook of the pattern i last remember.

    but have to comment because, there is a lot of similarities in the initial question you posted. i have had multiple patterns of the grey background you suggested. mine always have some kind of imagery created into the grey, with overlays of graphic patterns or images in various, well thought out placement, and coordination colors, which i cannot seem to take credit for. ha ha. because i don't feel like they are my own design.

    they are not all with the grey background... but it may be that the time of day i am waking up, and the level of light in the room have much to do with the variety of colors, and perceived images. also the temp.

    but like many of the other comments, i am wondering why everyone else sees patterns etc... when they do not have to come up with a pattern for class? maybe they should post their visions so i can use them for my next assignment.

    i sum it up to all individuals are creative, and there is always a need for organization, and making sense of everything.... hence, the patterns, and order of the visions; geomatics. or uncertainty and confusion of clouds, blurs, static....