Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yet One More Reason to Believe in Divine Dispassion...

... from my eight-year-old son, Davy, an aspiring cartoonist!

(Yes, that's an alien spaceship with a pincer grip on Earth.)


  1. I like the way his brain works!! and that's a great drawing--earth in pinschers! hahahaha

  2. If that carton was drawn by Gary Larson, everybody would have thought that he had written the punchline also. No Question, your Kid has talent, (and is the son of a philosopher).

  3. I loved Davy's little comic tell him to make a few more of them but this time tell him to post them on his blog.

    p.s. I loved the part when god says "Heck I could fix that up in a snap."

  4. Thanks, Jacob! I did suggest it to him, but we didn't follow through and it may be forgotten by now.