Monday, October 12, 2015

The Los Angeles Times

... has been publishing philosophers' op-eds recently -- a couple by me (here and here), and this past week Harry Frankfurt on why inequality isn't immoral and an adaptation of Regina Rini's Splintered Mind guest post on microaggression.

The new op-ed editor Juliet Lapidos is behind this trend. Encourage Juliet by sharing the LA Times philosophy links widely and by sending the LA Times your best op-ed queries. It would be terrific if this trend could stick and we could have another major U.S. newspaper that regularly publishes philosophers!

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  1. Philosophy today is for understanding Sustainable Life on our Planet...Mixing Cultural Behaviors with Philosophy via a book is risky business as spontaneity gets lost...
    We live and are still trying to survive through segregating our morals and equality in the world, making possible books like "On Equality" and "Brave New World"....