Sunday, May 10, 2009

Titchener's Introspective Training Manual

... Chapter 5 of my book in draft Perplexities of Consciousness, is now up on my homepage.

This chapter does not presuppose any particular knowledge of Chapters 1-4 (and Chapter 4 still isn't in circulatable shape, anyway), so if you're curious feel free just to dive in.

Here's a brief abstract:

The unifying theme of this book is people's incompetence in assessing their own stream of experience, even in what would seem to be favorable circumstances. In this chapter I consider the possibility that old-fashioned "introspective training" in Titchener's style might help produce more accurate reports. In particular, I examine Titchener's treatment of auditory "difference tones" heard when a musical interval is played, his treatment of the "flight of colors" in afterimages following exposure to bright white light, and his treatment of subtle visual illusions.
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Anonymous said...

there is a typo at the very end of section ii of chapter 4.

"It explores the promises and pitfalls of introspective training with a concreteness and attention to detail impossible in a journal article or in a book focused on primarily on psychological results."

The word on is repeated.

I would have emailed, but I couldn't figure out if the word "domain" was a use or a mention.

Eric Schwitzgebel said...


(BTW, the "at domain-" is a replacement for the "@", intended to put off spambots.)