Friday, September 24, 2010

Graduate Student Conference on... Me?

Well, kind of. The full title is:

CoxiMAP: Mind, Action, and Perception II:
Graduate Conference on the Work of Eric Schwitzgebel, the Epistemological Status of First-Person Methodology in Science, and the Metaphysics of Belief

It's in Osnabrueck, Germany, Jan. 21-23, and presenters will be awarded 150 Euros toward travel costs.  The submission deadline is soon: October 20 (300 word abstract, with a full paper in English of 5000 words), sent to Sascha Fink at safink [at domain]  Full-length call for papers here.

I have been assured that submissions in philosophy of mind and/or epistemology more generally will also be welcomed.
I will also be giving a series of talks in Osnabrueck:

Jan. 20: "Shards of Self-Knowledge"
Jan. 21: "The Problem of Known Illusion and the Problem of Unreportable Illusion"
Jan. 22: "The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors"

Also on Jan. 21, I will lead a tutorial and discussion on experience sampling.


Justin (koavf) said...


Congrats! It sounds interesting.


John Holbo said...

Hi Eric,

I think I'll submit some recollections of poker nights with Schwitzgebel, in grad school. It's important to frame your mature philosophy, in all its richness, in terms of your early development. Also, I'm more familiar with your early work, as a poker player, than with your mature philosophy, in all its richness.

Eric Schwitzgebel said...

The main thing I remember is Scott Malone regularly relieving us of our money -- sometimes without even bothering to look at his hole cards.

Did you know that Jon Ellis went on to write a piece on the philosophy of poker?