Friday, June 02, 2006

Turning Back Your Eyes

I'm in the Washington U. library in St. Louis, at the Society for Philosophy & Psychology meeting (great program so far!), and I don't have time to work my thoughts into the shape I'd like for a blog entry, but perhaps the following will entertain you, or even precipitate a thought:

About a week ago, my six-year-old son Davy had rotated his eyes high in their sockets so that I could barely see the pupils. So, naturally, I rotated mine as high as they could go, while pulling down on my cheeks so that (I hoped) only the whites of my eyes were visible. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you were never a 12-year-old boy.)

Davy said: That's what I do to see what I'm thinking. I turn my eyes around until they can look at my brain.

I said: Isn't it dark in there?

Davy said: No, my ideas light it up.

So there you have it: A six-year-old account of introspection! No better or worse, I suspect than many of the theories already out there!

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