Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Courseware in Philosophy

A reader just forwarded me this list of Top 100 Open Courseware links in Theology and Philosophy, including syllabae and the professors' lecture notes or overheads. The philosophy sections are dominated by MIT.


Anonymous said...

The Notre Dame course in Ancient & Medieval Phil. looks super-lame, readings-wise. No Stoics? No Avicenna? No Scotus? No Ockham? Feh.

Anonymous said...

Forgive my pedantry, but I can't help pointing out that "syllabae" is no recognized plural of "syllabus." Try "syllabi." I've seen claims that "syllabuses"(*) is accepted and even syllabus (taking this transliterated-from-Greek word as a forth-declension noun rather than second-declension).

(*)If "syllabuses" is acceptable, then our civilization is really in a bad way, and will probably come crashing down any day now. It is to cringe hard.

Sean said...

MIT seems to be very good about posting syllabi online. My fiance has been brushing up to work on a writing sample for history grad programs, and has found MIT's history syllabi invaluable as well.