Friday, February 20, 2009

The Consciousness Online Conference

has begun, running through the 27th. Online so far:

Barbara Montero, "Russellian Physicalism"
Gualtiero Piccinini, "First-Person Data, Publicity, and Self-Measurement" (I'm one of the commentators on this one).
Katalin Balog, "In Defense of the Phenomenal Concept Strategy"
Matthew Ivanowich, "A Moderate Representationalism"
Clare Batty, "Scents and Sensibilia"
Dave Beisecker, "Zombies and the Phenomenal Concepts Strategy"
Richard Brown, "Turning the Tables on Dualism"
Derek Ball, "The New New Mysterianism"
Justin Sytsma, "Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness"
David Rosenthal, "Consciousness and Its Function"
I'm not sure yet what I think of the video format. Reading seems more efficient. But maybe video adds some sort of subtle dimension.

1 comment:

Anibal Monasterio Astobiza said...


This online conference makes a great effort in multimedia interactivity.

It represents a big step in the union of philoophy + internet reaching a global audience.

I´m divided becuaue your position
have been well defended but Gualtiero introduce a new twist in the metholodogy of first-person realibility (measurement framework)

I hope that the dialectic among you yield a fruitful development in this area of philosophy of mind.

A pleausue hear your voice.