Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reviews of Perplexities of Consciousness

I've seen now two reviews of my 2011 book Perplexities of Consciousness. Uriah Kriegel offers one here at NDPR. And Peter Hankins offers one here at Conscious Entities. Both reviews are very generous and sensible, though naturally the reviewers articulate points of disagreement with my position.

Joshua Rothman at the Boston Globe also put together this profile and interview.

Amazon is quoting $18.32 for my book and Barnes & Noble is quoting $17.75 -- a good price for an academic hardback (list price is $27.95). Get while the getting's good!


Andrew M. Bailey said...

An academic book for under $20?

::orders on Amazon::

Julian Kiverstein said...

I'm trying to get a reviewer for Journal of Consciousness Studies. Any volunteers? Eric - any suggestions? Tried a few people but no takers sadly and I think we really need to run a review of your book!

Julian Kiverstein said...

My email is case there are any takers.

Eric Schwitzgebel said...

Of course it would be terrific to have a JCS review! I'll email you a few names.