Friday, January 20, 2012

Broad-Ranging Interview on My Work

by Richard Marshall, here at 3:AM Magazine. Rereading the interview now, I find myself pretty happy with it, other than that I probably should have given somewhat briefer answers to the first few questions.

This interview does a nice job of motivating and tying together, in an accessible way, the various themes of my work, which might otherwise seem to be unconnected (history of psychology, Chinese philosophy, the moral behavior of ethicists, science fiction, the untrustworthiness of philosophical intuition...).


Anonymous said...

You really need to reconsider how confidently you dismiss art's capacity to represent truly inner experience.

Eric Schwitzgebel said...

I'm open to empirical evidence on the question, Anon.

I will say that Hurlburt samples don't, on the surface, look a lot like Joyce or Woolf. But I think you're right that I should have expressed myself more tentatively on that issue.

Anonymous said...

A work of art could, on some views, constitute empirical evidence, akin to the personal reports you've collected in your studies. However, I think the Hurlburt samples point in the right direction when it comes to phenomenal experience, and Joyce plus Proust are merely showing off their particular literary styles to the reader. "The medium is the message", etc.


Anibal Monasterio Astobiza said...

Nice interview! Eric,