Monday, January 16, 2012

The Crazyist Metaphysics of Mind: Short, Folksy Version

Crazyism in the metaphysics of mind, as I define it, is the view that something bizarre and undeserving of credence -- something "crazy" -- must be among the core truths about the metaphysics of mind.

On December 3, I presented a short, folksy version of this idea as a TEDx talk for the first of hopefully many TEDxUCR events. (Thanks, TEDxUCR organizers!) If you want more than a blog post but less than a 40-page manuscript (plus references), you might be interested to see the (poor quality but audible) TEDx video or prepared text.


Anthony Hopper said...

Thanks for pointing me to the podcast/video.

Unknown said...

It's my provisional view that all strategically constructed material in the universe has the anticipatory potential for becoming aware of the interference of other and/or outside forces. Awareness preparatory to making optional choices (as opposed to reactive ones) becomes what we biological formations expect to feel and see additionally as consciousness.