Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Trip to Spain and France

Tomorrow I'm headed to Spain and France for a couple of weeks, and I'm not sure whether I'll have time to post. My schedule:

October 5, 1 pm start, Barcelona: "The Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors" (talk hosted by the Psychology Department).

October 6-7, Barcelona: Two day workshop on Empirical Data and Philosophical Theorizing. My talk: Oct. 6, 5-6:15: "The Psychology of Philosophy".

October 9, 11:30 start, San Sebastian/Donostia: "If Materialism Is True, the United States Is Probably Conscious" (classroom 4, Carlos Santamaria Building).

October 12, Paris, 11am-1pm: "The Crazyist Metaphysics of Mind" (Institut Jean Nicod).

As far as I'm concerned, any reader of this blog is welcome to attend. However, you might want to check with the institutions about details of access.

I will have a couple unscheduled days in Paris. I'm open to suggestions about interesting things to do.


Liki Fumei said...

While in San Sebastián, don't miss small-portion fine-cooked meals (some sort of sophisticated tapas) at Afuegonegro: you won't regret!

clasqm said...

Things for a philosopher to do in Paris:

Sit on a rickety chair on a busy sidewalk. Wear black. Drink pastis and inhumanly strong coffee.

Scowl a lot and mutter incomprehensibly. This is much respected among the French intelligentsia as a sign of profundity. Unfortunately it only works if you mutter incomprehensibly in French. French being French, it is not hard to be incomprehensible, just keep swallowing even more consonants.

Don't neglect to denounce US aggression in some out-of-the-way country nobody has ever heard of. If you can't think of one, make it up.

Find out where the main tourist traps are and then arrange to stay as far as possible to the other side of the city. If your hosts happen to mention one of them or you spot one during a taxi ride, cringe visibly.

One exception to the above rule: you may go lay a single flower on Voltaire's grave.