Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Minds Online Conference

is cooking along. You might want to check out this week's lineup, on Perception and Consciousness:

  • Nico Orlandi (UC Santa Cruz): "Bayesian Perception Is Ecological Perception" (KEYNOTE)
  • Derek H. Brown (Brandon University): “Colour Layering and Colour Relationalism” (Commentators: Mazviita Chirimuuta and Jonathan Cohen)
  • Jonathan Farrell (Manchester): “‘What It Is Like’ Talk Is Not Technical Talk” (Commentators: Robert Howell and Myrto Mylopoulos)
  • E.J. Green (Rutgers University): “Structure Constancy” (Commentators: John Hummel and Jake Quilty-Dunn)
  • Assaf Weksler (Open University of Israel and Ben Gurion University): “Retinal Images and Object Files: Towards Empirically Evaluating Philosophical Accounts of Visual Perspective” (Commentators: RenĂ© Jagnow and Joulia Smortchkova)

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    Scott Bakker said...

    Cool beans. It's nice to see someone knocking some *serious* holes in the inferentialist orthodoxy dominating Bayesian brains.