Friday, May 19, 2017


I'm heading off to Europe tomorrow for a series of talks and workshops. Nijmegen, Vienna, Graz, Lille, Leuven, Antwerp, Oxford, Cambridge -- whee! Then back to Riverside for a week and off to Iceland with the family to celebrate my son's high school graduation. Whee again! I return to sanity July 5.

I've sketched out a few ideas for blog posts, but nothing polished.

If I descend into incoherence, I have my pre-excuse ready! Jetlag and hotel insomnia.

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Anonymous said...

Please reconsider your trip to Europe. At least four of those destinations are no longer safe, due to the predatory gangs and frequent riots that follow unrestricted immigration. Even if you were personally sheltered from robbery, rape, and assault, some of your attendees may not be so fortunate. That would make you something of an attractive nuisance, in a moral if not legal sense.

Your failure to consider the female perspective on personal safety calls for serious introspection on your part. You're nowhere near being ready to teach philosophy this summer. Why not plan for the summer of 2019, and in a different set of locations?

Eric Schwitzgebel said...

Anon May 22: The women I have spoken to here don't appear to share your perspective. I believe you are overestimating the risk, perhaps based on biased or sensationalistic media sources.