Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Please Rate My Blog Posts for Inclusion in My Next Book

I'm working away on selecting and revising blog posts and op-eds for my next book. Readers' feedback has been very helpful in narrowing down to just the most memorable and interesting posts! My final poll, 22 selected posts on philosophical method and the sociology of philosophy is live today.

As with all the other polls, this poll contains links to the original posts so so you can refresh your memory if you want. But there's no need to rate all of the listed posts! Even if you just remember one or two that you like, it would be useful for me to know that.

Below are all seven polls.

Polls 3, 5, and 6 have low response rates. It would be terrific if you could click through and rate a few posts that you like or remember, from one or more of those polls.


  • 1. moral psychology
  • 2. technology
  • 3. belief, desire, and self-knowledge
  • 4. culture and humor
  • 5. cosmology, skepticism, and weird minds
  • 6. consciousness
  • 7. philosophical method and the sociology of philosophy
  • (new as of today)

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