Thursday, December 12, 2019

Argument Contest Deadline Coming December 31st!

If you can write an argument that convinces research participants to donate a surprise bonus of $10 to charity at rates higher than a control group, Fiery Cushman and I will make you famous[1] and pay you $1000[2], and you might transform the practice of the Effective Altruism movement[3]. Whoa!

Biggest effect size wins the contest.

We'd love to have some awesome submissions to run, which might really produce an effect. In other words, your submission!

Details here.


[1] "Famous" in an extremely narrow circle.

[2] Actually, we'll only pay you $500. The other $500 will go a charity of your choice.

[3] Probability value of "might" is 0.18%, per Eric's Bayesian credence.

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