Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Podcast/YouTube Interview on Belief, Consciousness, and the Moral Behavior of Ethics Professors

... with Adam Omary at Nature & Nurture.

After some initial discussion of my path into philosophy we get into:
  • the nature and value of experimental philosophy;
  • my empirical work on the not-especially-ethical behavior of ethics professors;
  • how there's a type of intellectual integrity in embracing ideals that you don't quite live up to;
  • the nature of belief and how to think about cases where your sincere judgments don't align well with you everyday behavior;
  • the nature of consciousness and why something that seems "crazy" must be true about consciousness;
  • consciousness in non-human animals;
  • the value of philosophy.
It's a pretty good introduction, I think, to some of my central philosophical ideas and how they hang together.



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