Saturday, January 01, 2022

Writings of 2021

Every New Year's Day, I post a retrospect of the past year's writings. Here are the retrospects of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The biggest project was my new book The Weirdness of the World (under contract with Princeton University Press). Although most of the chapters are based on previously published essays, much of my writing energy for the year was expended in updating and revising those essays, integrating them into a book, and writing new material for the book. The biggest negative impact was on my fiction and public philosophy. In 2022, I hope to be able to write more in both genres.



Appearing in print:

In draft:

    The Weirdness of the World (under contract with Princeton University Press). Check out the draft.
      I'd really appreciate and value comments! Anyone who gives me comments on the entirety will receive a free signed copy from me when it appears in print, plus my undying gratitude and a toenail clipping from my firstborn grandchild.
Under contract / in progress:

    As co-editor with Helen De Cruz and Rich Horton, a yet-to-be-titled anthology with MIT Press containing great classics of philosophical SF.

Full-length non-fiction essays

Appearing in print:

Finished and forthcoming:
In draft and circulating:
    "Inflate and explode". (I'm trying to decide whether to trunk this one or continue revising it.)

Shorter non-fiction

    "Does the heart revolt at evil? The case of racial atrocities", Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture (forthcoming).

Science fiction stories

    No new published stories this year. [sad emoji] I drafted and trunked a couple. Back in the saddle in 2022!

Some favorite blog posts

Reprints and Translations

    "Fish Dance", reprinted in Ralph M. Ambrose, Vital: The Future of Health Care (Inlandia Books).

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